Utility Billing Solution Review by Carter-Haston

Allyson Andrews, Director of Technology at Carter-Haston, provides her review about how RealPage Resident Billing helps her keep better track of property utilities with its apartment utility billing software tools.

Carter-Haston faced the problem every property manager does when collecting for utility charges. “There was the rent bill, fees, and then multiple utility bills, and the odds of being paid late on one or more utility bills was fairly high,” says Director of Technology Allyson Andrews.

By combining everything into a single convergent bill, RealPage delivered what Andrews calls a money-maker. Residents see all their monthly charges clearly explained on a single bill, and are far more likely to pay everything at once, and on time.

Convergent billing enables most multifamily owners to achieve a collection rate of 97-99%, significantly higher than the industry average rate of 85%. And in most cases the costs associated with generating and delivering the utility bill can be passed onto your resident, making this a no or low-cost solution that also saves your staff hours each week.

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