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Optimize Building Performance to Improve Property Value

RealPage was the first Service and Product Provider (SPP) on ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager® and the first multifamily advisor to the EPA. Since then, we’ve become one of the nation’s top benchmarking providers, helping thousands of property owners across the country meet mandates and optimize building performance to drive savings by as much as $1 per square foot and asset value improvements by as much as $13 per square foot, according to the EPA.

With RealPage in your corner, you don’t have to worry about keeping up with changing regulations either—that’s our job. If you’re interested in improving the value of your properties with our energy-efficiency strategies, or you’re in an area where benchmarking is required, we can help you achieve sustainable cost savings and meet compliance requirements before deadlines and penalties kick in.

RealPage Energy Benchmarking Helps You Stay in Compliance

Obtaining the whole-building data in the right format and monitoring performance as required by Green Loan providers and regulatory mandates is a challenging and time-consuming process that varies from region to region and from vendor to vendor.

Here’s how we help:

  • Our experts have a deep understanding of local energy disclosure regulations and data requirements for ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager
  • We work with utility providers and local property managers to clean and upload data
  • Scores are diligently reported on the EPA scale of 1-100
  • Extensive recommendations for reducing energy consumption and increasing energy efficiency are made that are guaranteed to increase cash flow and uplift the value of your assets
Energy Benchmarking and Building Audit Mandates

Learn about energy benchmarking mandates and building audit requirements.

Meeting Compliance for Green Loans

Benchmarking is now required by a growing number of Green Loan providers who are offering lower-interest rate terms on sustainability-related renovation and construction projects that reduce your property’s water and energy consumption. Our solution is tailored for leading Green Lenders, including Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, who now require whole-building energy and water usage data.

Services and benefits include:

  • Comprehensive understanding of Green Loan requirements and resources
  • Accumulating and preparing requisite data
  • Providing thorough and accurate lender reports
  • Improving tenant satisfaction

Energy Benchmarking Mandates by Location