Leasing & Marketing

The heart of managing apartments is keeping them leased at the optimal price, and the Internet continues to present exciting new opportunities to accomplish this. From lead to lease, even traditional marketing methods are rapidly evolving along with SEO, SEM, social media and other more recent innovations. Keeping up is key!

Resident Services

Replacing residents is costly and time-consuming. That’s why it pays to do everything you can to hold on to the ones you’ve got. The good news is that new technology lets you offer a superior, more personal level of service while actually reducing the time you spend hand-holding renters.

Property Management

At today’s most profitable properties, day-to-day operations look nothing like they did even five years ago. That’s because new software is constantly creating opportunities to save time, slash costs and eliminate hassles and headaches—from managing utilities and maintaining facilities, to inspections and spending.

Asset Optimization

Analytics/Technology Predict, measure and maximize property performance with today’s powerful, intuitive research and analytics tools. Establish benchmarks based on unsurpassed industry data, then exceed them by tweaking operations while boosting the value of your assets at the same time.

Accounting & Asset Investment Management

Turn raw portfolio data and metrics into meaningful information that drives profitable decision making. Learn how today’s intuitive asset management tools deliver clear, actionable insights into your property investments.

Single Family (Propertyware)

Nowhere in property management is the difference clearer between those who exploit technology and those who don’t than in single family. You can still find businesses shuffling paper the old-fashioned way, paying the price in time and headaches. At the same time, a revolution is going on in software tools for marketing, inspections, payments, reporting and more that’s separating out today’s winners.

Vacation Rentals (Kigo)

Hotel chains spend millions on intelligent software to keep their units rented, at the right price, with the least amount of labor. While you don’t have their budget, you can share in million-dollar technology that streamlines your work while keeping owners thrilled—including smart booking calendars, dynamic pricing, automated email templates, comprehensive reporting and more.


Brilliant software tools for boosting profit and slashing costs at multifamily properties are making their debuts faster than ever, creating opportunities for you to dramatically outperform your peers. This has been a great year for breakthroughs – from site-level efficiency to C-level decision-making.


Eliminate your compliance worries with software that makes certifications, tax credits, regulations and reporting a breeze to make sure nothing falls through the cracks. You’ll free up time to boost your bottom line with additional solutions for running a tight ship at affordable properties.


At senior living properties, there’s a delicate balance between a caring spirit and the bottom line. But everyone wins with new software solutions that put busywork in its place, freeing your staff to concentrate on keeping up the property, occupancy and profit, without compromising care.