The Affordable Housing Industry: New Technology and Hot Topics

By Staff Writer Posted May 21, 2019

The Affordable Housing Industry: New Technology and Hot Topics

Affordable housing owners and operators can learn about the latest regulatory updates as well as new technology drivers for the industry at RealWorld 2019. Customized for one of the largest audiences at RealWorld, the Affordable track will address key topics that are on everybody’s minds.

Keys to improving day-to-day business for Affordable

RealPage Senior Vice President Gustavo Sapiurka says Affordable housing operators who attend the conference July 21-23 in Orlando will take away know-how that will help improve day-to-day business in what is perhaps the rental housing industry’s most exciting and complex segment.

For starters, a brand new online application process designed for prospects looking to apply for Affordable Housing will be unveiled. And, attendees will get a look at how OneSite® for Affordable is being rolled into the company’s Unified Design program for greater ease of operation, flexibility and mobility.

Also, representatives from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) are expected to be featured in the “Affordable Industry Update” on July 22. They will talk about new changes to the Real Estate Assessment Center (REAC) inspection process, which has received much publicity of late, along with the latest TRACS and other regulatory initiatives. In addition, leading experts will discuss the impact of current and future trends related to Affordable owner/agents and residents such as Tax Credit Income Averaging and the RAD program.

And, for the first time, Sapiurka will host a general session that will be devoted to Affordable and Senior Living markets. In the session, he will talk about how the industries require the power of real-time technology to face unique hurdles in lead to leasing, as well as share how to manage requirements imposed by both the federal and state agencies.

“We can’t wait to share important information and improvements to the Affordable housing management process,” Sapiurka said.

New technology designed for operational simplicity

Sapiurka is especially excited about the roll out of the first phase of RealPage’s new online application for Affordable. With the industry’s 7.2 million deficit in Affordable units, the need and potential volume of applicants seeking Affordable housing is extremely large. Applying online will only ease the burden of the manual application process, which is unique to rental housing.

Customers will be able to test the application after the conference.

“We have been working on this for a while and we’re happy to be able to make this new functionality available to our large Affordable Housing user base,” Sapiurka said. “We are very, very excited to have customers use the functionality after RealWorld.”

Affordable’s new unified design will also be unveiled. The user interface has been overhauled to support operational simplicity and enables property managers to make decisions faster. With the new design, users will be able to run the Affordable housing management solution in any browser or device.

Also, RealWorld will address how RealPage is providing solutions for the Affordable industry to become paperless.

Insights from Affordable housing industry leaders

The “Affordable Industry Update,” typically the second most-attended session after the RealWorld keynote featuring Steve Winn, won’t disappoint.

Sapiurka said a lot of “hot items” will be discussed, including the new REAC inspection protocol that has been the talk of the industry lately. Donald J. LaVoy, Deputy Assistant Secretary of REAC, and HUD’s Lanier Hilton have been invited to attend the session.

Affordable property operators will be impacted by the new REAC inspection protocol beginning this year. Annual unit self-inspections, major changes to the inspection protocol and scoring, and a 14-day notice are some of the changes that will become the new norm under a pilot program starting later in 2019.

“It’s a very hot topic in the industry today,” Sapiurka said.

In the general session, the Affordable and Senior teams will address a range of topics, including new initiatives and innovations that are either available today for these markets, or will become a reality in the near future.

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