Asset Optimization Conference

By jsims Posted July 19, 2017

Asset Optimization Conference

As the clock struck quarter past the hour, the buzz at the Asset Optimization conference during RealWorld 2017 intensified. The Asset Optimization update was officially 15 minutes late starting but the chatty 150 or so YieldStar users didn’t seem to mind. Neither did moderator Keith Dunkin.

“We’re in a networking delay,” said Dunkin, RealPage senior vice president YieldStar Business Intelligence. “Part of the benefit of these conferences is for people who have similar positions within their organizations to get to know each other and share ideas.”

Later in the update, YieldStar Vice President Amy Dreyfuss nudged the audience more than once for any ideas they might have to improve the asset optimization platform. The feedback, she said, ultimately helps RealPage give customers what they want.

Lately, YieldStar Revenue Management has been on a mission to improve the user experience. Dreyfuss spent the better part of the session talking about new features and what’s to come.

“One question was how can we improve efficiency and workflow, make it easier for your teams to get to answers you’re looking for,” she said. “We wanted to enhance reporting. We want give you a lot of information at your fingertips.”

New features assist users in making critical decisions

Widgets on a new landing page helps users navigate to revenue trend snapshots. The data offers and quick review of revenue, rent and occupancy trends and what, if any exposure, exists, over days, weeks and months.

A new rate acceptance workflow generates a wealth of information to assist users in making critical decisions about their assets. Online help also is now available.

“There is a lot of information,” Dreyfuss said. “What we’re looking to do is consolidate that in a way that really focuses your attention on what you need to know to make a decision. “

New renewal rent generation decision workflow coming

A new renewal rent generation decision workflow is currently in demonstration. New features include creation of a batch scheduler, which drew praise from users. With it, users can get a better grasp on renewal offers and better track performance down to the unit level.

“We want to create efficiencies and give you more information than you have today,” Dreyfuss said. “You’ll have the communication you need.”

User survey nets positive results

Users once again expressed satisfaction in the 2017 YieldStar survey. 94 percent of those polled have confidence in pricing generated by the software, up 3 percent from the previous year.

Also, 98 percent say the biggest benefit of the software is to push pricing.

“I love that YieldStar pushes the limits on revenue,” wrote one customer. “We are pricing and getting leases at a higher rental rate than I ever imagined.”

For more information about asset optimization, visit YieldStar.


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