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Single Family Property Management

Streamline your property management business with Propertyware®, the one rental property management software solution that simplifies your life.

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Single Family Rental

Your Pathway to Productivity


Redefine the way you operate your business with the industry’s most customizable single-family rental property management software, Propertyware®, powered by RealPage. Manage your single family, low density and small residential properties easier and more cost effectively each and every day with our comprehensive, affordable suite of solutions. Boost leads from your own customized website. Stay organized, focused and productive all month. Save hours every week by automating routine accounting and property inspection processes. And keep tenants and owners happy 24/7 with their own branded portal. It’s flexible, scalable, affordable and easy to implement. There’s a new pathway to productivity—and profitability—and it starts with Propertyware.

Flexible. Scalable. Complete.

Simple Implementation

No matter how large or small your business, Propertyware is up and running in no time. It’s so intuitive that your team can get right to work without extensive training.

Clear Pricing

We offer pricing and packaging with no surprises built in, designed to deliver the very best value to your business by offering the very best solutions, from eSignature to Screening to SEO/SEM.

Integrated Solutions

Propertyware’s solutions work seamlessly together, exchanging information in real time, eliminating redundant data entry and errors.

Intuitive Communication

With Propertyware, you can stay focused on customer service, leasing more vacancies and growing your business because we automate the time-consuming operations, saving time, money and resources.

Time-Saving Automation

Make the census simpler. Automate move-in and move-out processes and know resident locations with our robust software solution providing real-time information synchronized with your property management system.

Secure Data

Hassle-free cloud computing ensures all your critical data is secured in the SAS70 II-compliant Propertyware platform, complete with redundancies, backups, monitoring and diagnostics.

“…we needed to switch because we are getting to the size now where we need technology to ease the load off our property managers.”

Joe Amatangelo
Long and Foster Real Estate

Rental Property Management Tools for Landlords

Tenant Screening

Get the power to screen prospects in real time with Propertyware’s Tenant Screening solution. It includes tenant credit and background checks as well as rental history, and provides an easy-to-read, comprehensive report—all for better decision making.

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Landlord Software

Whether you own and manage one rental unit or many, Propertyware was built from the ground up to make your business—and your life—easier. Take control of everything from leases, contracts, documents, vendors, and much more.

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Property Management Tools

There aren’t enough hours in one day, but Propertyware solutions can help maximize every minute. Go mobile and centralize data with Propertyware Inspections. Boost engagement, traffic and conversions with customizable websites. Streamline your day. Grow your business.

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Boost Every Aspect of Your Property Management Business

Propertyware is a web-based property management software, accessible from your mobile device or desktop, that adapts to and accommodates your growing business demands. Streamlining the needs of owners and residents in one place, it provides the flexibility to manage properties securely and cost effectively — anywhere, anytime.

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