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You’ve come to the right place to learn about the latest trends, technology and best practices for vendors to grow their businesses—with access to one of the country’s largest apartment industry networks.

The 2021 RealPage Vendor Summit is a virtual conference led by dynamic industry experts. The live conference is over, but you can watch the free, full session videos below to get the insights and information to help you:

  • Find new customers
  • Streamline the delivery of your goods and services
  • Accelerate invoicing and payment
  • Best leverage RealPage Vendor Services to achieve your business goals

Vendor Summit Session 1

What Goes Into Selecting a Vendor?

Guest panelists from Prometheus and GoldOller help you gain an understanding of the “why” behind vendor selection and the criteria property managers consider when hiring you. [24 minutes]

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Vendor Summit Session 2

Expert Advice on Current Insurance Challenges

Vendor panelists share their experiences about the insurance challenges they’ve faced servicing single-family and multifamily homes and the tools that have helped improve working with agents and property managers. [32 minutes]

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Vendor Summit Session 3

Secrets to Getting Paid Faster

Learn tips for getting paid electronically and how to save time, process fewer paper checks and reduce fraud risk. [26 minutes]

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Vendor Summit Session 4

Understanding Your Customer and Today’s Market

A leading real estate economist shows you how to identify the opportunities for growth and other trends in the industry that can impact your daily work processes and ability to grow your business. [32 minutes]

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Vendor Summit Session 5

What Else Can You Do to Promote Your Business?

Rob Black Jr., the founder of Comizzzle, a digital marketing agency, provides practical takeaways that will show you how to leverage marketing trends and apply best practices and simple steps to centralize and maximize your marketing. [29 minutes]

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For more information about the solutions used by the speakers in these sessions, please visit RealPage Vendor Services.