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Supporting Nearly One Million Apartments

When it comes to water, electric and gas submetering of multifamily properties, no one brings more experience and expertise to your property than RealPage. In the past three years alone, we’ve installed 200,000+ submeters in more than 830 apartment communities. We currently provide best-in-class products, service and support to approximately 2.2 million devices representing over 30 different product types in over 4,000 properties nationwide.

The Benefits of Submetering with RealPage

RealPage has everything you need to capture the maximum benefit from your utility submeter systems. From design through installation, to ongoing service and support, to analytic tools that help drive performance, we add value every step of the way.

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Drive Utility Cost Recovery

Recover hundreds of dollars per unit in annual operating expense. Residential submetering allows RealPage to allocate utility costs to residents based on actual consumption.

Up Water, Gas and Electric Conservation

Industry reports show that utility submetering stimulates conservation. Submetered properties use 15-29% less water, gas and electricity.

Increase Property Value

Installing submeters is a capital investment that builds directly into the value of your property—appealing to conservation-minded residents.

Bolster Resident Support

Residents appreciate being charged based on actual consumption and may voluntarily conserve where local mandates compel conservation.

Gain the Meter Assurance Plan (MAP)

MAP covers ongoing maintenance, and replaces large, unexpected repair bills with the convenience and predictability of one low, monthly rate.

Can You Submeter an Existing Property? Yes!

Property developers see the value of utility submetering, and a growing number include electric and water submeters in their new communities. At RealPage, we work with many developers at the design stage to help them incorporate submetering into their plans more efficiently. Existing properties can also capture the benefits of submetering. The ease or complexity of submetering an existing property depends on the layout, size and configuration. If you’re interested in submetering an existing property, contact us for a preliminary consultation.

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