Increase Property Value With the Amenity of Flexible Living

The new partnership between Migo Home Sharing and STRATIS Smart Building helps apartment owners provide communities with an attractive and unique point of differentiation—rising above the noise to provide real value to residents.

“For the first time, we are able to offer apartment owners a way to provide financial wellbeing and flexible living as an amenity, elevating a property’s value and resident living experiences as we continue toward the modern era of renting.”

Todd Butler
VP of Migo

Flexible Living as an Amenity:
The True Win-Win

Benefits to residents:

  • Gives residents with the ability to share in the profits by listing their units on Airbnb when they’re away

  • Provides the freedom and flexibility to live, work, travel, and experience life on their schedule

  • Temporary access via STRATIS lets residents home share without giving guests their personal fobs or keys—a safer, more secure solution

Benefits to owners:

  • Creates a means to recoup the costs of empty or loss leader units

  • When integrated with STRATIS, existing buildings can connect all smart access and control devices into a secure, highly reliable network

  • Allows you to create an intelligent building, supporting resident and guest access without adding additional burden to on site management

  • Expect to recoup the investment in smart building technology with revenues from home sharing within the first year

See how flexible living as an amenity can improve your bottom line.