Dive inside the playbooks of 22 multifamily industry leaders who share the pivotal moves that will help you refocus resources for your rental housing business, gain traction and build momentum to seize new challenges and market opportunities in 2022 and beyond.

Featuring insights* from leaders at the industry's top firms, including:

Mike Gomes

Chief Experience Officer

Focus on Outstanding Experiences — Not ORA Scores

“With a resident-centric mindset, the ORA scores follow.”

Zachary Goldman

Managing Principal & COO

Go Green to Drive Incremental Yield

“Start with utilities [as] a controllable item.”

Danielle Rivers

Director of Business Services

Close the Door on Fraud With Closer Monitoring

“We’ve been working to build a stronger defense.”

Courtney Duffy Schnee

Sr VP, Asset Management

Expand Your Definition of Revenue Management

“Price is not the only lever we have to pull.”

Robert Waz

Sr Manager, Revenue & Strategic Ops

Close the Gap on Loss to Lease

“Make the messaging more accommodating to residents.”

Matt Ferrari

Co-Chief Investment Officer

Start Early, Move Fast on Apartment Acquisitions

“How do you identify deals that might have more upside?”

Jeff Robertson

VP, Asset Management

Be Selective and Focused With Value-Add Investing

“We’re not looking for a quick 18 or 24 months to flip.”

Payton Mayes

Chief Executive Officer

Expect Continued Surge in Apartment Development

“Deals are taking longer, but we’re still bullish.”

Christi Weinstein

VP Strategic Support Solutions

Drive Revenue & Reap ROI With Smart Tech Retrofits

“Do it. Don’t wait. There’s a proven, sustainable ROI.”

Michelle Moriello

Director of Digital Marketing

Double-Down on Direct Marketing & Virtual Tours

“We weren’t getting the conversion from ILS platforms.”

Marcie Williams


Deliver More Options & Seamless Experiences

“They can look online, lease online and sign online.”

Emily Watson


Leverage Tech to Boost Team Engagement

“How can they balance work and life to get it all done?”

Miguel Gutierrez

Chief Operating Officer

Offer Rental Deposit Alternatives for a Competitive Edge

“When renters move, they don't want to give up cash.”

Drew Cohalla

Operations & Comms Coordinator

Manage Supply Chain With Optimized Inventory Control

“What’s going on in Chicago, in Denver, on the coast?”

Jerrid Vannelli

Senior Vice President

Don’t Put Pricing on Autopilot With Rent Control

“The key is to drive new lease pricing … be adaptable.”

Don Miller

Executive Vice President

Normalize Staffing & Rent Collections in Affordable

“Better adjust to the new normal that exists.”

Jennifer Cassidy

Senior VP Student Operations

Capture Robust Growth in Student Housing

“Focus on overall revenue and drive student value.”

Josh Hartmann


Explore Build-to-Rent Single Family Opportunities

“Today, it fits into portfolios just like multifamily.”

Karen Key

Managing Dir of Single-Family Rentals

Extend Apartment Management to Single Family

“That experience from multifamily gives us a leg up.”

Erica Reinke

VP Property Management

Centralize Rent Collections & Provide Payment Options

“Focused best practices help these programs succeed.”

Khara House

Director of Community Engagement

Build Relationships to Earn Trust With Policymakers

“We are willing to partner in caring about people.”

Caitlin Sugrue Walter

VP, Research

Make Eviction Mitigation the New Normal

“Nobody wants evictions. When you help, make it transparent.”

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