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leasingdesk screening and renters insurance is now realpage

LeasingDesk Insurance Services is a wholly-owned subsidiary of RealPage. Clients may login to access resident screening or renter’s insurance account.

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History of RealPage and LeasingDesk

2007 – RealPage Acquires LeasingDesk Insurance Services

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Software provider expands risk management offerings for multifamily property management companies.

2007 – LeasingDesk Is Now the Only Renter’s Insurance Provider in All 50 States

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Launches renter’s and liability insurance program in Florida as 50th State covered.

2008 – LeasingDesk Resident Screening Expands Search

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Multifamily property managers and owners are now able to reduce risk by ensuring all criminal records of a prospective resident are evaluated.

2011 – LeasingDesk Publishes “The Safety Net for Renter’s Insurance”

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Study examines risk to property management company when a renter’s insurance policy lapses, and how this gap can be closed to minimize exposure.

2014 – Camden Relies on LeasingDesk Screening (RealPage)

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Camden has five apartment applicant types, each associated with a scoring model.

2015 – Resident Screening, formerly LeasingDesk, Responds to Disparate Impact Law

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At RealPage, analysts are working on correlating criminal data with FICO scores, addressing the problems of false positives, and monitoring “disparate impact” and other legislation on an ongoing basis.

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Comprehensive Resident Screening Drives Profits for Multifamily Properties

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