/ Mandatory Renters Insurance Whitepaper

Mandatory Renters Insurance Whitepaper

Does mandatory renters insurance impact revenue performance?

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It's long been a topic of debate: does mandating renters insurance for residents impact revenue generation and profitability for the apartment rental market?

A recent long-term study of the revenue growth of various well-run multifamily rental housing communities across the country uncovered some findings that may surprise you.

This information-packed white paper debunks the myth that renters insurance negatively affects revenue, and proves that mandating renters insurance does not inhibit a community’s profitability or ability to lease apartments.

You'll Learn:

  • Current thinking about mandating renters insurance and multifamily revenue performance
  • Why some properties are resistant to mandating renters insurance
  • How communities with mandatory renters insurance performed by market, submarket and zip code
  • The role chance plays when analyzing rental market statistics
  • Why many residents still avoid securing renters insurance, even though it’s required
  • How factors like location affect rent growth and the "revenue roller coaster"

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