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Renters insurance is required and eRenterPlan is the recommended solution. In fact, your company has partnered with eRenterPlan to meet a critical goal: to keep 100% of renters covered, at all times. Because you work one-on-one with incoming residents, you’re the key to reaching this goal. Thank you for all you do—we’re counting on you!

It all starts with you!

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Alika and Orlando talk about why it’s so important to make sure your incoming residents have renters insurance, how and what to say about eRenterPlan, when to talk about it, and why eRenterPlan is the best possible choice for renters insurance.

Download the Insurance Cheat Sheet

You’ve got to be an expert on lots of things about your community. Thanks to this Cheat Sheet, you won’t have to worry about being an Insurance expert. Complete with Resident FAQs, this will help you get in the know and stay in the know.

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Show Me the Cue Cards

It’s small and easy to keep on hand as a quick reference when residents ask “Why eRenterPlan?” You may already have received your cue card in the mail. If not, it’s coming soon! On it, you’ll find the 4Rs of eRenterPlan:

  • It’s required
  • It’s recommended
  • It’s right for renters
  • It’s ready to go

eRenterPlan Supply Reordering

Running low on trifold brochures, sticky notes, or cue cards? Order more now – online, by email, or over the phone.

  • Email Reordering: supplies@eRenterPlan.com
  • Phone Reordering: 1-888-205-8118 x3

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Download the Presentation Deck

In this brief instructional presentation, you’ll get the basic information about eRenterPlan, such as what it is, how to identify renters’ needs, and how to best answer their questions. Download and save it to refer to later, if needed.

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