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Resident Screening Solution Increases Revenue

Maximize Revenue with Smart Screening

Learn how to maximize revenue without added risk.

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How screening can maximize revenue without adding risk

Ideal for: Executives, Regional Vice Presidents and Managers, Asset Managers

How to perform apartment resident screening, background check and credit checks to get the best apartment residents. In this live webinar, we’ll show you how to:

  • Solve the age-old problem of balancing resident risk against your need for new residents
  • Tap into actual rent payment histories – the #1 predictor of whether someone will pay their rent or not
  • Say “YES” (with a scientifically-calculated higher deposit) to applicants you’d otherwise turn down-don’t lose a good lease
  • Up-sell or down-sell units based on applicant scores, backed by automated calculations of ability to pay
  • Take out the “human element” and protect yourself from Fair Housing penalties
Andrea Simonetti
Andrea Simonetti

Andrea has more than 8 years of experience in the multifamily housing industry, including time spent in property management with student living. As a Client Success Manager for LeasingDesk Screening, Andrea was responsible for the implementation and support of LeasingDesk Screening clients. And, she’s experienced with OneSite Leasing and Rents and with Online Leasing.

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