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Better leads, more leases, and less marketing spend. It’s all possible with the one solution designed to boost revenue and help you achieve it all.

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Lead 2 Lease

Make Leasing More Lucrative.

Truth is, good leads fall through the cracks every day. Capture more of these leads, and turn them into leases with Lead2Lease from RealPage®. This fully integrated solution helps you identify the quality of your leads, increase lead conversion, improve leasing efficiency, and better target your marketing efforts. Make sure no inquiry goes unanswered. Prioritize follow-up, keep track of leasing agent performance, and know where your marketing dollars are most effective through detailed reporting. Lead2Lease brings it all together to make your leasing effort more efficient—and more lucrative.

Three Pathways to More Revenue

Lead Capture

Through sophisticated lead tracking, you can be sure to capture every prospect, no matter how they come to you-phone call, email or even walk-in. We capture caller ID, lead source and prospect details through guest cards, and integrate this information with other RealPage services, like OneSite or RealPage Contact Center.

Lead Management

Experience full visibility into leasing activities through our easy-to-use interface. Keep lines of communication open with 2-way email capability. Prioritize which leads are most likely to lease with our sophisticated Lead Scoring tool. And ensure accurate pricing and availability quotes through integration with YieldStar®.


Reports provide visibility into site performance and the entire leasing process, so you can pinpoint the best ways to increase operational productivity. Comprehensive metrics help you better identify leasing trends and maximize marketing and advertising spend, ultimately empowering your team, and optimizing revenue.


Capture and integrate over 12 million leads per year



Over 4,900 active communities are using Lead2Lease



Initial response rate to web leads for Lead2Lease users


Lead Scoring: Get Your Priorities Straight

With a proprietary analytical scoring model based on the unmatched breadth and depth of our data analytics platform, RealPage is the go-to solution for prioritizing your lead management efforts. Using a unique statistical algorithm, we can calculate the likelihood of each lead converting into a lease, using a percentage between 0 and 100. This advanced algorithm helps you optimize lead follow-up during those early stages where there are a large volume and wide quality variance in your lead pipeline.

Optimize and Manage Property Management Leads with Lead2Lease

Increase Lead Conversions and Follow-ups with Lead2Lease Lead Management Systems

Improve tracking and reporting by automatically populating lead sources, reducing the time that your team spends manually entering information. Analyze closing ratios and follow-ups per lead, while optimizing your overall marketing spend with Lead2Lease.

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Lead2Lease Two-Way Texting

Send a Quick Text to Multifamily Prospects Without Interrupting Their Day

Lead2Lease Two-way texting allows you to send a quick text message to prospects to set up visits, check on status and more, without having to wait for a response. The feature includes property-level notifications for new text messages, real-time texting between the property and the prospect within each guest card, and an opt-in process that adheres to the rigorous legal requirements required to use texting as a marketing tool.

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