YieldStar® Performance Results

Down Cycle
Characteristics: Atlanta Down Cycle
Results: Revenue index 9.2% above market performance revenue index
Up Cycle
Characteristics: Atlanta Up Cycle
Results: Revenue index 3.1% above market performance
Characteristics: Salt Lake City Renovations
Results: New lease rents outperform rent expectations by 19%
Characteristics: Colorado Portfolio Lease-Ups
Results: Executed rents outperform pro forma 10.3% per month
Characteristics: Affordable Washington D.C.
Results: Outperformed submarket rent growth on executed rents 8.9%
Student Housing
Asset Circumstance: Student Living Hybrid Near Major University
Results: Revenue accelerated 9.9%, driven by 9.7% rent roll growth

“With YieldStar, we’ve outperformed the best, and over the past three years (2012-2014), we’ve been the #1 REIT in average revenue growth.”
Kip Zacharias
Vice President of Business Services, Camden

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