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Implementation Services

The RealPage Professional Services Group provides a wide variety of services to help you plan and manage implementation projects, configure applications, streamline processes and maximize the return on your investment in RealPage applications.

Available Services

The RealPage Professional Services Group assists clients with configuring and deploying RealPage applications with the following services:

  • Project Planning and Project Management: Planning is necessary to understand your timeline, budget and resource constraints. It is also important to define your critical success factors and determine how you will measure success of the project. Once the project begins, the project plan will be constantly monitored and updated.
  • System Configuration and Deployment: Each application has specific settings and options which must be configured to support your specific business processes and operations. Our consultants work with your team to understand your processes and then configure the application to support those needs.
  • Process Improvement and Re-engineering: There’s no better time to review your existing processes than during a new application implementation. Our consultants will explore how to make your existing operations more efficient based on new functionality and improvements provided by the new system.
  • Policies and Procedures: RealPage Consultants can help you define and document new policies and procedures in conjunction with, or after completion of a new system implementation. Carefully defined and documented policies and procedures ensure that your personnel know how to do their jobs, resulting in a maximum return on your investment.
  • Assistance with Data Migration and Conversion: The RealPage team will help you review and scrub existing data prior to conversion. After conversion, we’ll help with any additional cleanup, review your new data and configure additional settings.
  • Reporting: Accurate reporting is the cornerstone of your business. Ensure your data and reporting is on target every time. Our consultants work with you to develop a comprehensive reporting strategy, reduce reliance on spreadsheets and automate reporting packages. Custom report development is also available to support your unique business needs.
  • Retrofits: Substantial changes to your system configuration sometimes require that these new settings be retrofitted into your existing sites. This may be necessary if your company acquires a property already using OneSite from another company. In this case you may need to retrofit your charge of accounts, transaction codes and other business policy settings to the property.

How to Get Started

A successful implementation begins with a Discovery Call to discuss your overall goals and needs. After this initial call, your consultant will work closely with you to develop a project scope, budget and timeline based on your specific requirements.

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