Your Purchasing Processes

Stay on Budget and Save Time with OneSite Purchasing

OneSite® Purchasing integrates seamlessly with your accounting system, taking the paperwork out of purchasing and replacing it with the automated routing of electronic documents. It allows your site staff to enter purchase orders and invoices and have them approved online. Once entered at the site, they are sent electronically to your accounting system for payment, saving you time and money all before orders are placed with vendors, and helping to ensure that spending stays on budget.

  • Budget and spending controls customized for your company
  • Online purchase order approval system
  • Integrates with OneSite Facilities for parts replenishment and asset management
  • Links to your accounting system vendor list and invoice payment process

Get Spending Under Control

OneSite Purchasing automatically sends approved invoices to your company accounts payable system. It easily integrates with OneSite Accounting and other preferred vendor accounting systems so your accounting staff can maintain control of your approved vendor list and invoice processing.

You can set the system to require approvals based on your company’s budgets, approved vendor list and user spending limits, putting you in control of who’s spending what and what they’re spending it on. OneSite Purchasing keeps your business process flowing smoothly.

  • Records which user approved each purchase order and approval date
  • Automatically codes orders to the correct G/L account
  • Allows the user to correct mistakes using credit memos
  • Allows for budget checks for quick cost management
  • Provides budget variance reports

The Information You Need, Always at Your Fingertips

OneSite Purchasing gives both managers and site staff instant access to the purchasing information they need. Managers can easily create budget variance reports, purchase order reports, audits and other reports that help them quickly pinpoint any problems. And site staff can quickly pull up payments and answer vendor questions without having to call accounts payable.

OneSite Purchasing makes invoice management and tracking easy, and the paperless process helps prevent errors:

  • Subtotals are automatically calculated including allocation for shipping, tax, and discounts
  • The invoice is marked “pending” if approval is required
  • Upon approval it is marked as “ready to transfer” to your accounting system
  • Data transfer to OneSite Accounting is immediate and automatic, and includes a link to view the invoice

AP Reporting

OneSite Purchasing comes standard with a set of convenient property operational reports. These include a budget variance report, a purchase order register, an invoice register, a new vendor request form and various setup audit reports.

Keep Vendor Data Accurate

OneSite Purchasing keeps your vendor data fresh and accurate by exchanging data with your accounting system. Your approved vendor list, vendor contact information, 1099s and other relevant information can be stored for easy access by site staff. Integration with OneSite Accounting and other accounting systems enables your accounting team to manage your approved vendor list.

And by using OneSite Purchasing in conjunction with Compliance Depot, you can manage risk by ensuring all your vendors meet all your requirements and have the proper documents on file. You can view approved vendor status, certificates of insurance, and other important vendor documents from right within OneSite Purchasing.


Thank you for your interest.