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Integrated, Centralized Accounting For Smart Finance Management

Simplified, Streamlined Workflows

OneSite Accounting simplifies your accounting processes and workflows. Real-time central transaction processing simplifies the accounting process and increases efficiency. Seamless data integration with OneSite Leasing & Rents eliminates the need to re-key invoices, receivables, resident refundable payments or utility reimbursements. Whether it’s from your office computer or on your iPad, you’ll get:

  • Electronic signature and payment approvals
  • Automatic bank reconciliations
  • Contracts processing
  • Central disbursements
  • Bulk transactions automatically allocated across sites
  • Automated monthly recurring transactions
  • Mortgage loan calculations
  • Easily import/export vendor data

Customizable Reports and Dashboards

The financial report writer makes it easy to create custom reports that let you look at the numbers your way—across your entire portfolio—and provide the deep dive you need into individual units.

  • Comparative reporting, ratio analysis
  • Budget to actual
  • Trend reporting (monthly, quarterly)
  • Profitability ratios
  • Capital Improvements tracking
  • Dimension reporting

We also provide an array of standard “best-practices” reports that are built-in and ready to use. Either way, the data you need is instantly available; there’s no waiting for sites or regional offices to pull it together for you, enabling you to cut two to three days from your monthly report preparation.

Our user specific, customizable dashboards provide a centralized snapshot of critical metrics that are important to you.

Control Over Your Accounting Data

You have complete control over who has access to what information, so your financials are always secure. We also provide you with control of financial integrity so you can be sure your books are in balance.

Automate Management of Fixed Assets

Manage and calculate fixed assets across their entire life cycle – acquisitions, dispositions, depreciation and amortization – automatically, and replace manual tracking and spreadsheets. The Fixed Assets module is tightly integrated with OneSite Accounting, saving time and money while helping to ensure that results are accurate and exact. This module also comes with multiple asset books, which allows you to separately track, book, tax and complete other methods of depreciation.


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