Calculate Your Handling, Shipping and Storage Costs
Total Number of Sites
Total Number of Units
What is the average hourly salary of those staff members? (National Hourly Rate) $
How many paper copies are generated per day?

What is the average time taken to fax a document (in minutes)

How many people in your office handle paper documents?
(Lease, property, renewals, certification documents, etc.)

How many times does each person retrieve or file a paper document per day?

How much time does each person spend making copies per day? (in minutes)

How much time does each person spend filing per day? (in minutes)

How many documents are faxed out daily

How much are you spending per month on shipping cost (ex. to a home office) for invoices? $

How much do you spend on off-site storage per month? $

Number of 4 drawer filing cabinets

Number of 3 drawer filing cabinets

How much do you spend on filing supplies per month? $


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