Credit Optimizer

Maximize Revenue When You Take on Risk

Credit Optimizer maximizes revenue by considering availability and capitalizing on the same leads you already have to prevent vacancy loss. Today you make exceptions and let people in anyway. With Credit Optimizer, we manage those exceptions systematically for you, limiting Fair Housing exposure and capturing the right amount of extra rent to offset the risk. And Credit Optimizer helps you proactively manage availability at the bedroom level so you can maintain your pricing power.


Be Proactive Not Reactive

LeasingDesk Screening is the solution that proactively considers upcoming availability – at a bedroom level – and automatically recommends exceptions, to reduce vacancy loss while offsetting incremental risk with additional rent.

This new feature enables you to proactively manage availability, preventing occupancy challenges and ensuring you retain pricing power on your rents.

Get More from the Leads You Have

Quite simply, Credit Optimizer delivers revenue by drawing on the same leads you already have. Exceptions that are already made manually today are handled systematically, to ensure they are leveraged only when needed and approached methodically. Not only will you protect your properties from vacancy loss, but also from the Fair Housing exposure that is often created when exceptions are made.

Maximize your revenue and minimize your risk with the industry’s first forward looking Credit Optimizer solution.


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