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Managing Your Marketing – From Listing to Lease

Marketing management software for multifamily apartments. Publish ads, track leads, lease apartments, improve communication and analyze reports.

Publish: Your apartment community rocks. Let the world know about it.

Our content management system helps you optimize your marketing presence for Facebook, RentSocial,, and more.


Marketer – Main platform/CRM

Our Content Management System
The foundation of the RentSentinel platform, Marketer functions as a portfolio where all property content is stored.

Reliable Coordinating
Marketer synchronizes pricing and availability with all major property management systems, including RealPage, OneSite, Yardi, MRI, AMSI.

Organized Management Made Easy
Marketer stores everything you need to build an ad (availability, pricing, unit types, pictures, descriptions, titles, templates) in one place. Saves time and streamline property content.

ILS – Maintain consistency across the web with daily automatic feeds.

Automatic Updates
Publish pricing, availability, pictures, descriptions and more to the top Internet Listing Sites. Leasing agents upload content once and RentSentinel automatically sends fresh content out daily!

Reputable Internet Listing Sites,,,,,,, and more. Spreading the word has never been easier.

Find out what works
Measure email leads, phone leads, website clicks, check availability clicks and more! View detailed analytics and learn which ILSs are delivering the most for your money.

Reputation – Manage your social media content on one centralized platform.

Monitor What Others Are Saying
Receive radar email alerts and quickly respond each time your property name is mentioned or a new review is written on any of your favorite sites.

Optimize Online Presence
Learn which social channels provide the most benefit and which content resonates with your residents with daily, weekly and portfolio overview reports.

Simplify Social Media
Build community engagement and increase resident retention with a comprehensive digital marketing plan that is managed in one centralized location.


Track: Property interaction with prospects made easy.

Gain control of your campaigns. Track, boost and manage your leads, no matter where they come from — online, over the phone or in the leasing office.

Prospector – Comprehensive lead tracking solution

Improve Interactions with Shoppers
Prospector tracks and manages every interaction with a lead or prospect from initial contact through lease. Leasing teams quickly recognize each opportunity as a future relationship.

Don’t Miss a Thing
Schedule appointments, tasks, reminders and leasing agent calendars; view all contact, application, payment and quote activity for a prospect; integrate with Yardi, RP, and MRI.

Check availability and real-time reservations. Portal creates guest cards and real-time pricing that allows shoppers to save and retrieve price quotes and receive real-time reservations.

Phone – Track and record all phone activity. Own your campaign.

Control Your Phone Campaign
Managing your phone campaign has never been easier. Know exactly which sources are delivering the most phone leads and record each conversation so every detail is captured.

Phone It In
Can’t get to the phone? Leasing teams receive missed call and voicemail notifications so no prospect is left behind. Also allocate 15 toll-free phone numbers across marketing sources for better tracking.

Know Your Customer
Achieve excellent customer service with instant on-screen pop up alerts. Leasing teams can personalize conversations and distinguish prospects with real-time alerts.

Tablet – Wow prospects with an enhanced touring experience.

Turn up the Wow Factor
The hottest device on the market integrates seamlessly with Marketer, equipped with your communities’ information, photos, descriptions, pricing, and more.

Enable Property Tours
Agents are now able to run virtual tours or conduct a live walk-through of properties from anywhere. Apartment shoppers fill out guest cards as they tour, and property pricing/availability is continuously synchronized for up-to-the-minute information.

Full Functionality
Showing off properties has never been easier or cooler. Tablet can be downloaded directly from the Apple iTunes store and used anywhere – no WiFi connection needed!

Lease: Simplify your leasing – do it ALL online.

Prospects can complete the entire leasing process online – from home, the property, the office… anywhere! No paper required. Includes online applications, electronic deposits, background checks, e-signatures and more.


Allow your prospects to sign and renew leases online! Our paperless option gives prospects the ability to fill out applications from home, the office, at the property, their mobile device – anywhere. Track leases and save your property time and money.

RentSentinel’s Leasing solution seamlessly integrates with your tenant screening, payment processing, leasing document management and property management system. Our complete listing to lease solution includes lease approval workflow and conditional screening capabilities.

Give prospective renters the opportunity to look at an apartment, take time to consider their options and hours, days or weeks later consummate the entire lease online. RentSentinel handles payments so leasing agents don’t have to fuss with checks or credit cards.


Analyze: Understand your results, measure hard work and identify challenges.

Report real-time analytics to your leasing teams – high-level reports deliver precise stats that assist and lead future marketing efforts.

Discover, RentSentinel’s reporting system, provides real time analytics and tracks the effectiveness of your property portfolio. Discover makes it simple to understand marketing success and identify challenges.

Our state of the art reporting system was created so leasing agents could proactively analyze their marketing efforts and utilize their time effectively. Learn when to post, which templates gain the most traction, what titles get the most views and more!

Properties receive daily emails displaying charts, lists, high/low ad views and more. Once received, agents can deploy info to their team, communicate and execute new goals. Tangible facts help teams delegate tasks and monitor next steps to increase lead generation and signed leases.


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