Simple and Secure Vendor Management

Hiring reputable vendors to complete work with your business or on your multifamily property is essential to the success and reputation of your company. Unsatisfactory work, fraud and risk to your employees and residents are hazards that happen all too often when a comprehensive verification is not completed. Vendor Credentialing compiles background check reviews, corporate status and insurance verification so property managers and owners can easily and quickly make business decisions.

Vendor Credentialing Does the Work

It’s Efficient

Our platform allows you to quickly run and access criminal background checks and financial standings, verify professional licenses, and ensure all of your vendors’ documents are current. Eliminate phone calls, emails and time chasing down paperwork. All of this information is available on-demand, 24/7.

It’s Secure

Our secure, online portal gives you on-demand access to vendor information including a history of certificates and insurance. Our proprietary information gateway has automated access to thousands of databases, allowing our team to screen vendors using only verified sources. Compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), Vendor Credentialing greatly reduces the risk that can arise from less comprehensive vetting of a company or individual.

It’s Powerful

Multifamily leaders are tasked with a multitude of responsibilities, and using a compliance solution that compliments their existing business process will save them time and resources. Our technology is built to be flexible and easy to integrate with systems already in place. You’ll also have access to the largest known vendor diversity database of minority-and women-owned businesses, an ideal solution for affordable, military, and government housing.

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